e3-Sitecore Live Partner Programme: The Age of the Customer

19 September 2017Webinar. 1-2pm

Join Ollie March, Sitecore Digital Experience Consultant and Andrew Green, e3’s Commercial Development Manager, for this invaluable insight into the Sitecore XP and the pressing issue of customer loyalty.

Andrew Green, e3's Commercial Development Manager will discuss how Sitecore has enabled us to build brand loyalty and engage new recruits for the Royal Navy. With a 32% rise in successful recruitment applications, Sitecore’s tools have helped us place the target user right at the heart of our digital programme.

Ollie March will explain how three key Sitecore components contribute to the technology that glues the omnichannel customer experience together:

1: Sitecore analytics Showing how they work alone or in tandem with existing business intelligence tools

2: The importance of data The collecting, storing and impactful use of data

3: Content aggregation and insight Exploring how aggregation and insight drives useful and intelligent interactions with the customer

An omnichannel world

Technology is the key to delivering great omnichannel interactions with customers - and omnichannel excellence is the new key to customer loyalty – knowing your customer and what they need, no matter where, when or how they interact with you.

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