e3 and Royal Navy today launch the Battle of the Atlantic site – a digital offering that brings the story of the Battle of the Atlantic to life in an exciting way, in order to inspire the public to attend events and highlight the relevance of the Royal Navy today.

The Battle of the Atlantic 70th anniversary (BOA70) uses a unique 1940s design with a nod to current data visualisation and infographic trends to tell the stories from the longest military campaign of the Second World War in a digitally compelling way. Presenting exclusive eye witness accounts, new data aggregations and historical comparisons, the special landing site also uses a flexible CMS powered event template for Royal Navy editors to update all elements.

e3 has been responsible for overall concept development through to design and technical delivery, with a firm focus on creativity and technical nous. For example, the latest javascript vector graphic techniques were used to visualise JSON feed powered charts. e3 has also overseen the content strategy, defining the overall tone of voice, devising features such as ‘Then and Now’ – comparing the Royal Navy of 1843 with the modern Naval Service of today, including ships, equipment, strategies and personnel.

e3 has worked closely with Naval editors to develop a graphically rich, hugely flexible and audience focused template to house the Royal Navy’s exclusive editorial . This is the first of a series of significant user focused enhancements of the Royal Navy’s digital offering in 2013 delivered by the agency. The new Careers section User Experience launches in May, with the site going responsive after the summer.

Helen Craven, Head of Digital at Royal Navy said:
"We set e3 a bit of a challenge when we asked them to turn an event that took place 70 years ago into something relevant to the online world of today. However, they grasped that task with admirable enthusiasm, creating a solution that told the account of the long harsh sea-battle that raged throughout World War 2, turning it into a reminder of then and now. The flavour of the 1940s is brought to life with a period feel and is matched with exciting modern web design to create an engaging and informative destination that will serve as a reminder to all of the sacrifice made by Naval, merchant and allied ships to protect the maritime convoy routes and the importance of the sea to the nation today."

Tim Clark, Senior Producer at e3 said:
“The Battle of the Atlantic was one of those projects you love to get from clients – where you get told to flex your creative muscles, develop the concepts and audience strategy - then see it through to design and technical execution”.