E3 is proud to announce its sponsorship of ‘This Happened…’ a series of talks which revolve around interaction design or technology projects from a list of prominent and talented creators.

On July 30th This Happened… will take place in a secret location, as is tradition for the creative conference style talk, this summer it’ll be in a secret garden location somewhere around the city centre. 

There are some great speakers lined up for July including Stuart Wood, Founder/Director of rAndom International. rAndom International studio responds to recent developments in cognitive science and new media by creating works that encourage an active relationship between people and their surrounding environments, making the viewers’ participation fundamental.

Creative Partner at Wild Flag Studios, Vanessa Harden will also be presenting at the event. Vanessa Harden designs unique experiences that are based around the interaction between people, spaces and objects. She is a creative partner at Wild Flag Studios, a collective of artists and designers that engage with interventions, interactive installations, public sculpture and film.

Bristol-based company Rusty Squid’s Co-Director David McGoran is sure to talking us through something fascinating. Strongly influenced by his background in dance, movement analysis and puppetry, David goes back to first principles of how movement is generated through novel actuators and mechanisms explicitly designed to explore the embodied and the para-linguistic

Lastly, but not least self-proclaimed maker of adventurers Annette Mees will be joining us on July 30th. Annette just completed a tour of Early Days (of a better nation), in which the audience find themselves part of a country bruised and battered by war and rebellion, and are invited to decide what is next for their fledgling nation. Now moving on to new escapades, Annette is secretly trying to change the world.

Tickets for the Secret Garden are selling fast so be sure to grab yours now: 

The Wild Beer Co will also be there to provide Bristol’s best and brightest with some summary surprises. 

This Happened Bristol Secret Garden