Topic –   Making sure potential donors understand your charitable aims  
Where - British Film Institute in London
When – September 23rd

Carrying on an e3 Media tradition of running our own events, we have on September 23rd a charity sector event at the British Film Institute in London that will host a very topical debate. The current press environment seems to have turned on charities accusing them, sometimes justifiably, of using aggressive fundraising tactics and in some cases targeting these tactics at the most venerable of society. 

It’s a public image problem that hasn’t happened over night but has reinforced the association with charities and direct mailings, cold calls and way too chirpy young fundraisers accosting donors on the street. All this is diverting attention away from the good cause that they stand for and is generally damaging the industry’s reputation.

In our round table of 10-12 marketers, we will discuss, over lunch, the merits of the web in rebuilding a channel where charities can remind the public of why they exist. We will debate if more emphasis needs to be put into the longer term story telling message that builds a reputation and inspires action indirectly or if digital should simply be used as a short term direct fund raising tool.  

So if you are a charity marketer, come and join the debate and have lunch on us. 

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Can't make it? Not to worry, we have more events coming up soon.