E3 is hosting the second of our innovation seminar series, Immersive Media: The Future of Customer Engagement at the Wallace Space at Clerkenwell on April 27th. After the success of our first event which was how to create innovation cycles, this event will focus on immersive media and how to create worlds within worlds using digital in a physical space.

Joining us will be Clare Reddington, Creator Director of Persuasive Media Studios at the Watershed in Bristol. Clare is responsible for the curation of ever popular event the Playable City, which after starting in Bristol now takes place in 30 cities around the world. She’ll be talking through her process with us and looking at how technology and creative can fuel innovative interaction design.

Joining her will be our Head of Strategy Nicola Hinds, she’ll be talking about creating digital touchpoints in physical experiences taking a look at the travel, culture and leisure sector taking cues from our clients Historic Royal Palaces and the National Trust.

Finally, our Creative Director Dom Baker will be rounding up the session exploring how we’ve created and designed experiences to help make the most of the daily routines, with a particular focus on those most common of experiences, commuting, and how a little courteous disruption and empathy can create powerful connected experiences and action.

The second half of the session will be discussion on the theme hosted by our e3 team and issues and barriers to overcome – all under strict Chatham House rules.

If you’re a senior marketer working within a brand then we’d love for you to attend, for the full agenda and tickets please visit our Eventbrite.