The topic of diversity in marketing agencies has been predominant over the past year. The Drum launched and published their results of a survey into the diversity make-up of marketing and adland in 2025 which sent ripples through the industry. And only recently The Guardian published an article declaring that Marketing and Advertising were no long ‘destination industries’ for younger people due to their lack of inclusion of people from different backgrounds. However, it seems that 2016 is determined to be the year where barriers are broken and typical roles are smashed. 

Last night e3 joined other likeminded agencies to discuss the topic of diversity within the industry as the first event in a series of events organised by the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA) and their campaign to #DoDifferent. 

The group met with specific objectives in mind: to attract, support and retain diverse talent in the South West, champion role models and drive industry change. The discussion topics revolved around the challenges and issues that the industry faces in marketing in the South West currently.

Typical issues that were agreed upon by the majority of the group was lack of role models and good mentoring programmes amongst women.  Although the South West has thriving technology sectors and has some of best agencies in the UK, up-and-coming talent in the marketing sector has a tendency to move to London for opportunities and growth, believing that it is the only option. 

The group agreed that nurturing the best talent the South West has to offer is paramount to gaining more diversity in the industry and the ways to do this were: better support structures, garnering more fame for the South West as a whole and making sure excellence is rewarded accordingly. 

e3 is committed to nurturing the best and diverse talent in the marketing and technology industry in the South West. As a company we’re proud to have so many people from different backgrounds work for us. 

The MAA will be holding continuing sessions looking into diversity issues with the South West not only focusing on women but LGBT and Minorities. 

For more information contact Mette Davis