E3 will be hosting The Year of Innovation Marketing an event focusing on the increasing value that’s being placed on experiences over products and how to develop a truly innovative strategy and foster that culture within a company. 

The event will be on the 25th of February at The Wallace Space in London.

Over the 18 years e3 has been in the digital marketing space, they’ve had the chance to work with some amazing clients and achieved some truly innovation things by creating a practical strategy and process that works.

 The session will cover the shift in the marketing community towards innovation strategy and look at types of innovation models that e3 has used in the past as well as best practice examples of the marketing community as a whole.

Sharing this expertise will be Nicola Hinds, Head of Strategy at e3, Dom Baker, Creative at e3 and Matt Boffey, Founder of London Strategy Unit.

For more information and to request a free spot click here.