We all know that choosing a career is a massive decision that most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. Once the decision is made and in order to achieve our aims we need to apply ourselves. Choosing a career in the Royal Navy is no different, and the application process takes motivation and preparation. We wanted the site to assist all applicants by providing concise and helpful information every step of the way – while educating and preparing them for the process ahead.

The Research

Get ready to join royal navy careers

When looking to make improvements to a site or application, a UX review is a great start to any project. However, to make a big difference to this project it was clear we needed some real user insight. This research, combined with our UX and content reviews, enabled us to begin fleshing out a content plan and sketching a new approach to this section of the website.

Content and UX

With this project we took a content first approach, which meant that we had thought about and created the content to populate each page before creating any templates. Using our research and the current site content we knew what candidates needed to know at each stage of the process, so we split this out into logical steps and our copywriters got to work. Once we had the copy for each user journey we began to sketch up ideas on how to best display the content.

Wireframes and Design

To ensure consistency for the user, and in keeping with the Royal Navy brand, we attempted to use as many of the existing design patterns as possible. However, some of the content warranted new templates such as this timeline, depicting the joining process as a whole.

Get ready to join royal navy careers


This project involved continuous collaboration within the project team. We made sure everyone shared the same goals and understanding of the project. This shared vision really shines through in the finished product.

User testing and continued improvements

We launched the new section of the site today. Although we are proud of what we have achieved here we know that improvements can always be made. At e3 we conduct regular user testing and use Hotjar, a tracking tool, to monitor how users interact with our products in order to continue creating optimum user experiences.

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