e3 and Bristol Airport have been nominated for their brand campaign in the acclaimed Moodie Davitt Digital Awards. The annual awards are specific to the airport industry's digital, mobile and social efforts. e3 and Bristol Airport have been recognised in the Best Omnichannel Marketing Campaign category.

Bristol Airports brand campaign was designed to appeal to those further afield from Bristol or South Wales. A targeted strategy was devised by e3 to coax the people of Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth and Exeter to Bristol Airport by telling relevant stories on a micro level. Using a variety of experiences, we were able to turn a broadcast medium, such as Adshels, billboards, digital, radio and social campaigns, into personalised omnichannel recommendations.

Overall, the campaign has been viewed or heard six million times, it was received in an extremely positive light by its intended audience.

“We chose to turn Bristol Airport’s position in the market into a creative opportunity. Using it’s strong regional affinity paired with its incredible range of international destinations afforded us a unique opportunity. We used targeted media to tell inspirational stories in a way which felt incredibly relevant to our audience, this resulted in executions that gave people a real connection to Bristol airport and the numbers suggest a tactic that has helped drive the seed of many future experiences and more stories to tell.”  Nicholas Horne, Associate Creative Director, e3.

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