e3 has created a badge for The Duke of York’s Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, or IDEA. The initiative is a national project founded by The Duke of York’s office in partnership with the Nominet Trust to empower young people to learn digital and entrepreneurial skills.

Through a series of gamified challenges and events, users can gain badges by completing sections in four different categories including ‘citizen’, ‘worker’, ‘maker’ and ‘entrepreneur’. Through this, users can gain enough points to attain a Bronze Badge, a career-enhancing certification that’s nationally recognised.

e3 created a badge in the ‘Entrepreneur’ category, looking at the theories and strategic planning around innovation within the digital industry. Using best practice examples from brands like Uber and Airbnb, as well as showing how to use customer insight to fuel innovation brainstorms, the badge is a great kick-start for a young people interested in disruption methodologies. 

We’re delighted to be involved in helping the UK close the digital skills gap with this open-source award system that anyone can enrol in.

Miranda Glover, Business Director, e3 commented “e3 is proud to be involved with the IDEA programme, reinforcing our commitment to helping close the technology skills gap.”

Why not try it out for yourself?