We're really proud to announce that we've just been nominated in two categories for our work with the National Trust's 50 Things campaign in the BIMA Awards 2013!

The Campaign
The '50 Things' campaign is a real labour of love and collaboration between Trust Marketing at National Trust and e3. A unique and highliy creative online experience, the site is part of an integrated campaign launched by the National Trust in 2012, aimed at getting children outdoors and closer to nature, by allowing them to create a bespoke digital personality that guides them through each of the unique 50 adventures. These take place in the real world and children document their experience to gain badges, online awards and costumes, allowing access to thousands of exciting and colourful combinations.

Phase 1
Phase 1 of the project saw the clever guys here at e3 employ gamification techniques, such as compulsion loops and appointment dynamics to flip the original problem on its head, in order to create the solution: using the main reason children spend time indoors as a key driver to get them outside and ultimately create behaviour change.

Phase 2
Following the success of Year 1, e3 and the National Trust put their heads together once again to work out how the experience could be even better. Following user testing with the newly formed Kids' Council, set up to get 10 self-nominated kids together to advise the Trust on how to make the outdoors more appealing, the following elements were incorporated into the campaign:

• Refreshed 50 Things list - Crowd-sourced and voted for by the public
• Secret Challenges – 10 new levels added which can be unlocked, allowing initial users to continue to engage with the site
• Activity sheets accessed at key stages in users' site journey to increase engagement with different tasks
• Kids’ Council designed new outfits and buddies and created top-tips videos for key activities to inspire and encourage peers

So far, the site has exceeded all expectations, with 54,000 registered accounts and 132,596 activities completed, totalling over 5,500 days spent outdoors. The campaign has also created a notable social and press buzz, with a reach of 83 million across Twitter and Facebook.

It's been the most exciting, vibrant and engaging project to work on and we can honestly say we're really proud of the results to date. To get an idea of the full 50 things experience, we'd encourage you to sign up for an account on the site, then get outside and start exploring!