Shoppers are not consumers
Shoppers are in a distinct and well-studied phase of pre-consumption. They employ many conscious and sub-conscious techniques for processing masses of information, emotions and needs. Shoppers are not all right-brain, nor are they rational. They are human.

July's e3 Bookclub
This month's bookclub was hosted by a good colleague of mine, Jonathan Eddy from Store Walker - an international creative retail-consultancy that bridges the gap between research and traditional retail design. Jonathan’s workshop covered some of the fundamentals about human behaviour in order to illuminate the distinct patterns that we should consider when dealing with a person in a space looking at, touching and smelling various things for sale. Some of the key learnings included:

• Our eyes work incredibly hard
• Focus groups don’t work for shoppers
• Avoiding de-selection is the most important consideration for a retail brand
• It’s incredibly easy to be de-selected

Jonathan has been working with shoppers since the late 80's (before the internet but just after CD's). Always interested in people and how space can affect and improve their lives, he has helped major international brands across the world launch products, improve communication and be more desirable. An interesting chap and a really informative bookclub session.

Get involved
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