New kid on the block
We've been using agency management software called Synergist for around 18 months now and it's had quite a difference to how we run our agency. We’ve been on something of a journey with the software and the change it has brought, and so e3 proved the perfect choice to feature as a Synergist case study this month.

Their aim was to showcase an agency that could give a true account of their journey investing in Synergist and give an insight to other agencies who may also be thinking of purchasing the software. e3 MD, Neil Collard, said:

“Synergist allows us to be more efficient and reduce the administration time of running and managing jobs. It also allows us to accurately track the effort to deliver different projects and hence tighten up our estimation process.”

Where next?
We'll revisit the story in 2014 to delve deeper into the results and examine whether Synergist has continued to contribute to our improved efficiency and profitability.