The Google Squared 2013 Industry Report launched earlier this week. In collaboration with 22 organisations and 48 industry leaders, the report addresses the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Well done to our client Kia - whose digital marketing manager, Kim Wiggins, was involved with the research and collaborated with e3 MD, Neil Collard, who also features in the report.

Over 6 weeks, 26 young advertisers from 22 companies have been immersed in the digital world, by taking part in Squared - a Google-led programme in partnership with Impact and the IPA, designed to empower the leaders of today and tomorrow to drive the industry [r]evolution. Not only have they learnt how to use digital channels, but they have also been challenged to rethink their approach to learning and handling change, whilst working in creative and efficient teams.

The participants, or 'Squares', as they are known, have spoken to leaders within their organisations to understand the challenges that they face with the extreme pace of change of technological and social advances in the digital landscape.

Heads of organisations such as L’Oreal, Pizza Hut Delivery, Fiat, Cancer Research UK and more answer 6 key questions about the industry and the way they work in order to start an industry conversation on how, together, we can keep up with and drive growth in the dynamic marketing world.

By posing thought-provoking questions, the Squared Alumni hope to kick-start an industry-wide debate about how we work operationally, how we should collaborate internally and externally and how we can consistently challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the game.