Presented by our very own Digital Strategist, Eleanor Drew, and Senior Copywriter, Mary Valiakas, this month's content strategy bookclub was an opportunity for us to delve deeper into the topic, consider the implications for each department and brainstorm some content ideas for the agency. First things first, if you don’t already know what content strategy is, or why you or your clients might need one, here’s a brief summary:

Why do I need a strategy?
In a world where brands have to regularly create content for users to consume across many different platforms and channels, they’re finding it challenging to do this in a timely and relevant way that’s useful to consumers. Having a content strategy will help you plan who creates the content, who is responsible for its lifecycle and how to measure its success. Because all content not only needs to be useful to its audience, It also needs to help the brand meet its goals.

And what do you mean by content?
So we’re all on the same page, by content we don’t just mean copy. We mean everything a brand does to engage with its audience. So this could mean images, websites, videos, podcasts, social, blogs newsletters and more. Some would even go so far as to argue that face to face / offline interactions come under digital content. Why?

You only need to think so far as meeting people at a networking event and then connecting on LinkedIn. Or an in-store publicity stunt that asks people to tweet in order to take part in a competition. In more ways than one, digital content seems to be creeping into the offline space. In fact, as an agency we’re being asked to come up with more and more offline campaign ideas that then link in with digital.

So, what about your bookclub?
Sorry, we got carried away there. El and Mary - our go-to content strategy experts - thought the lunchtime bookclub would be an ideal way for them to share their expertise. About 22 people turned up, lunches and notebooks in hand. It was a great session in which they challenged every department to think about ways to strengthen and improve our processes as we take a more content-led approach.

El and Mary then gave everyone an exercise: to think about content ideas for e3 based on our brand proposition, our audiences and our aims. Lots of interesting ideas came out of this session, some of which we’re sure you’ll be seeing on our website very soon! Finally, we drilled a little deeper into the subject, presenting the group with case studies on American Eagle, The Guardian, Netflix and NPR. Each one highlighted a different challenge when it comes to mobile content strategy:

• The benefit of not forking your website content (ie not having a separate mobile version of your desktop content, which in effect creates two versions that need to be maintained separately)

• Algorithms which help with editorial / design decisions

• Truncating text for summaries

What all these helped highlight was the challenge of creating content for many different platforms, that’s both easily managed, easily disseminated and easily digested. All in all, a very informative lunchtime!

If you’d like to find out more about content strategy or any of our other services, get in touch with Andy Franks - our Head of New Business at or call 0117 9021333.