A day in the life 
e3 is a busy, thriving digital agency with a constant churn of projects of many shapes and sizes. This makes it an exciting place to spend our days, but it does mean that we’re usually engrossed in the day to day task of delivering high quality work, often to challenging timescales.

The bigger picture
Whilst these projects fuel our day to day activities, we think it's also important to take time out now and again to consider current industry developments and trends. This is of particular importance in an industry which changes quickly and is in a state of constant evolution. Thinking, discussing and sharing what is essentially, cool stuff which piques our interest, not only helps us improve what we make for clients , but also helps shape how we go about delivering these ideas and products to clients.

Digital ‘bookclub’
Every few weeks we run what we loosely describe as a lunchtime 'bookclub'. This is an open and informal session, generally led with some thought material; perhaps a demo or presentation of something interesting, followed up with a brainstorm or discussion.  Everyone is welcome to turn up with their lunch, listen to each other's views and generally chuck in their tuppence-worth.

Recent topics
We try to vary the subject matter and the format as much as possible to keep them fresh and to appeal to different people. Recent topics include:

- Windows 8 apps - an early look at Windows 8 with a more detailed look at the pros and cons of developing Windows 8 apps.

- Leapmotion - https://www.leapmotion.com/
A new bit of kit shipping this summer. It's a plug-in controller which senses your hands and fingers and follows their every move. Leapmotion allows users to control their computers without touching them - imagine X-box Kinect for your computer. e3 submitted some app ideas, which Leapmotion liked, so we've got our Leapmotion controller, months before the shipping date - result.  Watch the video here

- BIMA 2012 Awards - http://www.bimaawards.com/2012-finalists.php
Our own e3 judging of the  BIMA Awards 2012, Social Media & PR Category. We assessed the finalists against judging criteria, followed by a lively discussion around who did win, and who should have won.

- NFC - http://www.wooshping.com/
Developing an understanding of Near Field Communication technology in mobiles, exploring possible opportunities and examples of use in the wild.  Rupert Englander, Founder & Director from Wooshping kindly visited us to give us his steer.

Get involved
e3 Bookclubs always prove consistently popular and we're planning to up the frequency, bring in more external contributors and potentially include other agencies in the area.  If you're interested in contributing then do please drop us a line at Melissa.thom@e3.co.uk