Here at e3, we've been working with more and more travel brands this year, including Centro / Network West Midlands & Bristol Airport.

We've learned a few things along the way - mobile especially is becoming increasingly relevant to travel brands. Never before have so many customers had access to apps on the internet whilst on the go. This presents them with a unique opportunity to engage on another level, where they're useful and helpful within the traveller's context.

Travel White Paper 2013
So we looked at the latest trends, developments and insights to do with travel and technology. How are travellers using mobile technology? How are they behaving when planning a trip? What are the leaders in the field doing? What does the future look like for travel brands? What should they be thinking about and what are the opportunities? Finally, we share some of our insight into how travel brands can grab the attention of today's traveller, become an indispensable part of the connected traveller's journey and consolidate the loyalty of their customer base.

We hope you find it interesting and that it provides you with enough information to inspire a new breed of travel brand