Achieving a 360 degree view of the customer experience is the holy grail for all marketers and our clients are no exception.  But while the opportunity and appetite to track users behaviour is growing exponentially, the dilemma for many companies will be how to store this mass of information. 

Part of Sitecore’s new Experience Platform (previously known as Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)) is the Experience Database which provides customers the option to host all data in the cloud on Windows Azure.  We are excited about the opportunities that this offers for unlimited real-time data capture and recall.

So how does it work?  Previously solutions would typically require a Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database running on a dedicated server hosted on premise. This approach inherently will inevitably mean that at some point you will reach the limit on the amount of data that you are able to collect before it impacts physical storage space available or performance.  The Experience Database however runs on MongoDB, a No SQL platform capable of capturing and storing huge volumes of unstructured data, and with storage no longer an issue, the possibilities are endless.

Essentially it means that you don’t need to worry about limiting what data you collect or for how long to keep it. Sitecore’s new Experience Database allows you to store all of the customer data forever. This opens up even greater opportunities for gaining valuable insight and tailoring the individual users experience in real time across the digital channels.  Due to be released as part of Sitecore 7.5 It’s a great leap forward and one we’re looking forward to introducing to our clients.