Even at larger agencies, the finance team, of which I am a proud member at e3, will always be outnumbered by the agency staff – much more interested in the pursuit of creativity than reviewing the quarterly sales figures. 

Of course this is a common theme across the industry and stats would show that most creative agency staff see anything finance related as a chore to be endured. While appreciating deep down the basic equation that client monies in means salaries paid, it does mean that there are limited opportunities for chats about best financial practice and the issues of the day around the water cooler. 

Some of you may ask why that is important, but if you are to be an innovative agency through and through, innovation must not sit just in one department, it must happen right along the supply chain and I for one want to play my part. Which is why, when we were approached by Bristol Media to become one of the founding members of the Media Industry Finance Forum, I was delighted to get involved. 

The purpose of the forum is to bring together the individuals responsible for finance within creative and media agencies in the region every couple of month to share best practice, chat about current issues and make some useful contacts. 

The meetings are hosted by a different forum member each time so it’s also an opportunity to peer behind the scenes at other agencies. The creative sector in the region is thriving and it’s been great to get an insight into what our colleagues in other parts of the industry are up to when it comes to managing their finance.    

The get-togethers are very informal, everyone is encouraged to put forward ideas for discussion or share experiences.  It’s a great initiative, one that could be extended to any department and one we’re delighted to be involved in driving our culture of ‘total innovation’.