We have recently formalised our commitment to customer satisfaction by attaining accreditation to the British Standard ISO 9001:2008 and to our environmental conscience with ISO 14001.  Achieving both these globally recognised standards is a fantastic accolade and a solid benchmark for the e3 team to move forward from.  

We chose ISO 9001:2008 as our Quality Management System because, as a growing company in the fast paced digital world, it’s doubly hard to keep processes relevant and working for, rather than against you.  With a culture of strategic thought and innovation, the last thing we want is loads of process to squash our natural creativity.  

However, we are a grown up company and understand the need for checks and balances but are adverse to form filling for form fillings sake; we are digital after all!  That’s where the British Standards come into their own, rather than adding unnecessary processes, they have made e3 leaner and greener!