Having a Marketing degree opens doors, but knowing which one to take was the biggest challenge for me and my peers. I hoped for a job that included the ability to use what I had been taught but also allowed me to continue learning so I could grow as a marketer. 

This was a big ask I guess, but I was firstly lucky that I studied in Bristol, a bright, bustling place with a thriving creative marketing industry and more importantly plenty of opportunity.

So I did some research online, checked out job specs for agencies and tried to determine where my skills were best placed. One thing I quickly learnt is that if you know and admire an agency and want to work for them, be pro-active and try to talk to them direct. They always appreciate that, even if they aren’t recruiting it doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future and a good approach means you are kept ‘on the books’. The other factor in going direct is that they will save on recruiting costs which can be a determining fact in a placement and might mean that the savings are passed on to you.

I would also advise to try and get an inside view if at all possible. I was lucky to ever-so-briefly work for an agency during my University course so I had a taster of what agency culture was like. I enjoyed the fast paced and innovative nature of the work, the fun, the client demands, the stress, so I knew that the ‘agency’ culture was agreeable to my character and was potentially a place where I could thrive. 

However, one key eye-opener I got from that experience is that once you finish your degree and start working you quickly realise which parts of your University course translate into the real working world and which ones don’t. The theory aspects which were fundamental to your marketing course may not be something you are asked to use daily. There is however, a lot of requests for practical things like research on topics so being an expert Googler will serve you well in finding and understanding the current digital marketing trends. 

So now that I have a job I love, I want to keep it so I haven’t sat in a corner since being here. Even though it’s a junior role it still allows you to get very stuck in but I’ve been involved with so many different things here.  I love the brainstorming, discussing and collaborating across teams. But one of my favourite parts of working here is the research. I recently started researching the apps of one of our clients, so getting paid to play around on an app, understanding the nature of it and write about what it does, doesn’t even feel like work to me. 

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