Here at e3, we’ve been playing with Sitecore 8 since it was released late last year. One interesting feature is the Federated Experience Manager (FXM) - a brand new tool designed to allow you to apply Sitecore’s marketing tools and personalisation to existing non-Sitecore sites.

A complex ecosystem of websites
Many clients have a number of disparate sites, which could be flat HTML sites or content managed, but it isn’t feasible to migrate them to Sitecore all at once, or maybe even at all. The FXM tool is ideal in this situation, as you can invest in a shiny new Sitecore-powered main site, whilst also leveraging the personalisation capabilities within Sitecore across all these touchpoints.

It’s a simple process
All you need to do is add each legacy site into the FXM and apply a simple script tag into every page – it’s then ready to be integrated with Sitecore. You can visually edit the federated site via Sitecore’s Experience Editor. This lets you assign marketing activities to users interacting with the site. For example, personalising the site based on the user’s known profile, or triggering a goal when a user views a particular page or clicks on a specific link. This is really powerful when combined with Sitecore’s reporting capabilities, giving you a holistic view of the user’s journey across all of the connected sites. 

Get creative with personalisation
You can use all of the personalisation capabilities of Sitecore and content can be tailored based on various rules such as geographical location, campaigns/goals triggered and the user’s personalisation profile. This, coupled with the ability to inject content already stored within Sitecore, means all the personalisation rules and content can be maintained and re-used from a central location, ensuring the content is consistent, and effort required to create and update it is minimised.

Adds a new dimension
There are so many possibilities in terms of the personalisation logic you can apply to Sitecore’s FXM. For us here at e3, this new ability to apply marketing features to external sites through this experience platform further enhances Sitecore’s already comprehensive and compelling offering.