We're thrilled to launch a new responsive website for Bristol Airport today (www.bristolairport.co.uk) offering a brand new look that integrates new 
features and a consistent, seamless experience to customers on desktop, mobile or tablet. 

The new site is part of our overall remit to help shape and support Bristol Airport’s online strategy and provide strategic leadership to support the Airport's digital ambitions - showcasing its new facilities and growing network of 100+ destinations. 

One of the core outputs of the digital strategy was the need to redevelop the main site and mobile sites into one responsive solution. This posed a number of challenges, such as making essential flight information easily accessible across all platforms, making it easier to book car parking and other ancillary products from mobile devices, and creating awareness of enhanced airport facilities and the wide range of destinations available. 

Isabelle Whiteman, Head of Digital and Commercial Marketing at Bristol Airport said:

“We are thrilled to launch our new customer focussed, responsive website today. Digital technology is central to our ambition to be a world-class regional airport and will play an important role in delivering great customer experience to our growing passenger base. Working closely with e3, we can now deliver a consistent experience to customers however they access our website, ensuring a great start to the airport journey before even setting foot in the terminal.” 

The new website is powered by Sitecore XP 8 and Bristol Airport will be one of the first sites built specifically with the platform’s new capabilities in mind, allowing a range of features from personalisation of content based on location and user behaviour, providing a highly scalable solution for storing customer interactions on the site through integration with MS Dynamics with CRM integral to the marketing strategy.

Providing quick, seamless navigation across all platforms and devices was a key consideration in showcasing Bristol Airport’s commitment to consistently enhance the travelling experience for airport passengers and we're extremely proud of the new destination and of the work we've delivered for Bristol Airport since 2012. 

We look forward to seeing the results later this year.