Okay it’s not, but for brands and agencies it basically is. 

The supermarkets have started stocking gift packs for alcohol, chocolates and toiletries – the sort of gifts you grab for a distant uncle because who doesn’t like drinking, washing or eating?

We’ve even had the John Lewis advert, which to some marks the start of the holiday season – although it seems like Sainsbury’s revival of Mog the Cat has won the nations hearts. So stop complaining that it’s too early and get out the tinsel.

We’re currently working on our Christmas card and we thought we’d take a look at e3’s previous forays into the world of novelty Xmas cards. Take a look at our previous efforts below.

e3 Christmas card staff design 2011

e3 Christmas card staff design 2012

e3 Christmas card staff design 2013

e3 Christmas card staff design 2014

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