In our first event series for 2017: Keeping Pace with Innovation, e3 will be looking at how brands are struggling to stay relevant, personalised and user-focused in an increasingly noisy digital world.  In four live events from Feb-April, we will focus on innovation in the sport and automotive sectors, consider third sector content strategy and identify key digital trends relevant to all ambitious brands and organisations.  We will also share digital frameworks and methodologies to help your business keep pace with consumer expectations.

In 2016, we launched and ran two successful event series on the themes of Innovation and Experience, enabling us to collaborate with cross-sector senior brand marketers from Goldman Sachs, Cancer Research UK, BBC, Vodafone, B&Q HSBC and many others.

These resulted in two whitepapers, free to download here:

Putting Innovation on The Agenda

2017: The Year of Artificial Intelligence

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7th February
Digitally Fit: How Sport Brands Champion Innovation

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The biggest and newest innovations in digital are often first touted by the sport and fitness sectors before they become the latest trend.

From Under Armour's big data strategy to Adidas' 3D printed shoes, sport and fitness are increasingly ahead of the curve. With the advent of chatbots and the Internet of Things, it seems that the sky is the limit.

Joining us will be Neil Collard, MD at e3 and London Strategy Unit Founder Matt Boffey discussing what senior brand marketers can learn from these leading-edge sectors to help them keep pace with their consumers.

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23rd February
Social Media Frameworks in the Third Sector

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The way a charity approaches social is critical. e3 presents some of their findings working with Arthritis Research UK for the past year to deliver a framework that puts social media at the centre of supporter and influencer communications. It has not only enabled the charity to understand the role of social in their wider content strategy, but outlined the most effective team and tools to deliver that activity.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Senior Strategist at e3 will be taking us through the key findings required to create an angle, organisation-wide social framework.


8th March
Driving Innovation: Automotive Switching Up a Gear

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From Google's driverless car to Tesla's telematics, the automotive sector is firmly in the driving seat when it comes to digital innovation. Neil Collard, MD at e3 has worked with LandRover Jaguar, Triumph and Kia amongst other leading brands. At this event he will look at leading-edge technologies adopted by the automotive industry that can help other industries stay relevant. He will also share digital transformation processes that are helping the car industry gear up to keep pace with the consumer.

21st March
Keeping Pace with a Demanding, Digitally Native and Data Secure Generation Online
Workshop at YMS London

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e3 will be presenting a masterclass on millennial digital culture, hosted at YMS London, the UK’s leading youth marketing conferences. During this collaborative event we will help brands explore ways to engage and keep pace with millennials: the most demanding, digitally native and data secure generation online.

Kate Fitzpatrick, Senior Strategist at e3 will be drawing examples from projects such as The Royal Navy Graduates to help you tap into millennials with strategic research, engaging content and seamless user experience.

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11th April
Embracing Disruption Through Digital Innovation

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It’s no small task for brands to keep pace with digital savvy consumers and industry disruptors in an increasingly noisy digital world.

In order to stay relevant and create engaging experiences for consumers, business needs to focus on the latest innovations and become internally agile to stay competitive.

Nicola Hinds, Head of User Experience and Strategy at e3 joins Matt Boffey, founder and expert of London Strategy Unit, to share digital frameworks for large organisations and brands such as the Royal Navy, Arthritis Research and GSK which help them remain relevant while managing digital culture and process change.

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