So, you’ve landed a job in marketing, but what defines a marketer? What are the things you need that are essential to a marketer’s life?

Whether you’re a developer, client services or creative – we think we’ve come up with a list of things you need if you want to make it the world of marketing.

Kind of.

1. The Mad Men boxset

Mad Men digital platforms gif

Regardless if you have ever even expressed a mild interest in it, it doesn’t matter. A relative will buy it for you and you can finally answer those questions you get from people when you tell them you’re a copywriter.

“Ohhh a copywriter, cool so like in Mad Men?”

2. Insightful industry respected books

Belle disney books gif

Okay, so you should obviously read industry books if they’re highly recommended. But when 1938473 are recommended at a conference it can be overwhelming, buy a few and read them, resist the urge to buy 50 on Amazon and watch as they collect dust on your desk.

3. Coffee, a lot of strong coffee 

Twin peaks coffee

I can’t speak from personal experience as I’m not a coffee drinker but seeing the line for espresso machine when deadlines approach makes me think that it’s deeply essential to a true marketing experience.  

4. Every organisational app ever

Lost gif

So you’ve got a to-do list, colour coded excel folders, post-it notes covering your entire body – have you forgotten anything? Do yourself a favour and read up on some of best organisational apps. 

5. A plaid shirt 

Lots of plaid shirts

More of a requisite for the Design team than the rest of the agency but it’ll start spreading and soon you’ll wake up in your plaid bed, with your plaid walls, inside your plaid house shouting ‘PLAID, PLAID, PLAID’ as you get ready to into the office.

6. Desk bed

Desk bed

A few months back a picture of the above desk bed went viral with everyone asking ‘How, what, why?’ but some people were secretly thinking ‘Okay that’s genius, I want one now.’ – I’ll tell you who those people were, they were us okay.

7. Over ear headphones 

American pyscho gif

Sometimes you just need to get your head down, nothing says ‘My God I’m busy please don’t do ask me anything’ then a pair of over ear headphones. 

8. A tried and tested work playlist

High Fidelity

This isn’t something to do at work, the building blocks to your perfect playlist has to thought about, researched and executed correctly. Then you can add to it as your discover music at work, however your work playlist should get you in the perfect productive mood so no getting distracted! I’ve added mine below to get your started. 

Once you’ve obtained these eight items you’re on your way to becoming the world’s greatest marketer. Well, not really, obviously life isn’t like a video game and getting these objects won’t instantly make your king of marketing. It will however, probably make things a little easier. 

Think we’ve missed any essentials? Give us a bell at @e3_media and let us know.