CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is now in its 48th year and it’s become the one-stop-shop for signally the emerging tech trends for the next year.

Okay, it’s also home to a lot of technology that probably won’t change the world. We don’t want to badmouth anything specific but Laser Hair Regrowth helmets? Come on guys, it’s definitely niche but no one is going to happily walk around looking like a cyborg.

Anyway, we scoured the web for the most exciting and feasible tech to influence 2016. Here are the four tech trends that you will need to know about this year if you want to be ahead of the curb.

Safety Tech

First Assist WiFi carbon monoxide

We see examples of tech for good from brands and companies all the time but what about personal safety tech? One of the most anticipated outcomes of the Internet of Things is the ability for users to be able to protect themselves better with technology. First Alert were on show at CES, showcasing their suite of Wi-Fi connected alarms that sends you a notification if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide in your home. First Alert also allows you to measure indoor temperature and humidity, so also a great way to constantly check if your housemates are turning the heating on – I may be the only person who sees that as a plus.

Style Tech

Wearwise wearables safety CES

"We know that tech and fashion don't always speak the same language," said chief marketing officer of Wearwise Jordan Ramirez. "We are creating wearables that women actually want to wear." Wearwise is a firm addressing the issue of personal safety showing off a range of jewellery at CES this week, the range also doubles as a programmable emergency distress signal to pre-arranged contacts. Designed to be stylish as well as useful, Wearwise is spearheading the emerging stylish side of the IoT.

Home Tech

LG bendy display CES

Fridges, beds, chairs, bins, you think of it and it’s probably been at CES described as a new revolution in home appliances. However one revealed piece of tech that’s already the talk of the town, was LG showcasing their 18-inch paper-thing OLED display which has the unique ability of being able to fold up like a rolled up newspaper. There’s already talks of the screen revolutionising e-readers and e-books rather than television audiences because off the distinctive paper-like appearance and abilities of the screen.

Car Tech

Faraday Futures Concept Car CES

It’s astounding to think that five years ago, no automotive manufacturers were at CES. In 2016, the floor is scattered with automotive giants all speaking the same language – connected cars. BMW showed off AirTouch excitedly, a touch screen unlike any other as there’s no actual touching to operate the controls, only the appearance of touching. On the other hand, you have companies like Faraday Future, a mysterious company from California promising disruption in the industry introducing their Batmobile like car with 1,000-horsepower.

A lot of the tech trends we’ve mentioned have been gaining speed in the industry for many years, but few reach the last hurdle of becoming something that’ll really captures the customer’s imagination. 

Can you see anything on our list that you think will be the number one tech trend of 2016? Let us know, argue with us - we love it! Here’s our Twitter