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Picture me this.

You own a shop. Someone walks past, stopping to look in the window for a moment but suddenly, unexpectedly walks off. 

So you put snazzy posters up all over the windows. You pay a desperate student to stand outside with a sandwich board and coax people in, only paying him for those he pushes into your shop. In short, you’ve outlaid some cash to try and get a customer in the door.

Finally, someone comes inside! Oh, glorious day, your marketing worked. But wait, there isn’t a salesperson to be found and that precious customer turns around and leaves. All that effort to get them into your shop and you’ve just let them wander off…

Now you have to start all over again and, fingers crossed, hope that the next one buys something.

Madness, right?

So, why are you letting this happen on your website?

Make The Most of Your Traffic

Marketing costs money, whether it’s useful and engaging content to improve your organic rankings, paying per click or employing someone to get more eyeballs on your website.

Then, if the site isn’t achieving your business objectives, falling short of its targets, the usual reaction is to plug more traffic into the top of the funnel. More visitors, more conversions right? But wait, what if your conversion funnel is leaking?

Optimising your website, to make sure that engaged visitors convert, will make the most of that traffic that you took so much effort to get.

This is where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) comes in. It takes your existing traffic and concentrates on increasing the conversion rate incrementally, leading to large overall improvements that will make everyone happy, from visitor to the board of directors.

So, why aren’t you?

The Perfect Website

There is no such thing as a perfect website. There’s always something to improve, improvement that means helping your customers so that they are more likely to convert.

There is no trickery. Optimising your website is about taking away obstacles that annoy / confuse / worry your customers and delighting with them with how easy it is to use your website. 

This is what CRO does.

The Benefits of CRO

scrooge mcduck

Here are all the benefits you could be enjoying, rolling around in them like Scrooge McDuck and his coins. 

  • Get Customers for Free

There are customers / clients / subscribers already on your website, who are engaged and ready to convert, but something is stopping them. To improve your conversion rate, you don’t have to fill more into the funnel at the top, but instead remove the barriers and you’re turning visitors you’ve already paid to get to your site into converters.

Simply put, convert just a few more and your bottom line improves. Just like that.

  • Continually Improve

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a process that focuses on improving your conversion rate in small increments that will lead to a large increase over time.

Don’t sit back thinking your website is doing fine for a couple of years until you decide it’s time to update it. In that intervening time you could be pushing the graph in the right direction, rather than just letting your conversions rate slowly decline.

ascending graphordescending graph

  • Remove the Risk of Website Changes

Worried that that change you’ve suggested will affect your conversion rate? Quite right. CRO will help you by testing the change on a percentage of your traffic allowing you to minimise the risks and give you statistical proof of what works.  

  • Make Informed Data-led Decisions

Have you been talking about changing that button for months now? Going back and forth arguing about what the best plan is? CRO takes input from experts – at e3, that will be an Analytics GENIUS and a UX expert, who turn insights into a test plan, that will give statistically-based results.

This means you can turn guesses of what will work into informed data-led decisions that will improve your bottom line.

  • Learn About Your Customers

One website doesn’t fit all audiences, or we’d just get one out of the box and step back in satisfaction. Your customers are unique and often silent but will vote with their clicks.

Through CRO testing you can learn about what they really want from your site and gather information that will teach you about what your visitors want and what will turn them into lifelong advocates for your brand.

  • Be Better Than Your Competitors

You know that, in any competitive industry, you don’t have to be twice as good as your competitors to be twice as profitable, you just have to be slightly better to win loyal customers.

By optimising your site with small changes at a time, you can give yourself a slight edge so users will choose your site over all the others, again and again.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a simple process of continual improvement. Something every company should be able to get behind.

It’s not trickery. It’s learning what barriers are in the way of giving your visitors what they want and then removing them, so that their experience is a delight and your website does what it was intended to, in the best possible way.

To find out how we can help with your CRO drop us an email.


Image Credits:

Graph by Pham Thi Dieu Linh from the Noun Project