e3 celebrates 20 Years in digital

It’s been 20 years we first opened our doors to business.

On the 11th of July we are celebrating this milestone both with an exclusive party and the launch of an innovative three-week social media campaign which pays homage to past digital trends and ruminates upon the challenge of predicating the future.

Stuart Avery, chairman, e3 says: “When we started in 1997 we told our clients the internet would change everything. Back then many didn’t believe us. Some of them aren’t in business any more. The most exciting part is where we’re going in the next 20 years. The challenge for our clients isn’t just how to keep up but to lead. Our job is to help them see that future, and deliver it.”

Numerous long-established relationships with clients such as Orange and the Royal Navy have enabled us to keep abreast of the latest digital developments, while more recently acquired accounts with Arthritis Research UK and Honda Europe have allowed further room for digital innovation.

Over the past year, we have continued to grow with the acquisition of London Strategy Unit (LSU), enabling us to upstream our consulting proposition, alongside the development of a new digital momentum model. Both will allow e3 to evolve client’s digital estates further, alongside delivering products and services targeted toward relevancy within an increasingly disruptive industry.

For further press or general information about ways we can help your business please contact miranda.glover@e3.co.uk