Sky-high consumer expectations are forcing us all to look up

Last week e3 and Sitecore hosted an exclusive working lunch at Searcys, The Gherkin with senior marketing leaders from Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare and Hospitality industries.

The venue was fitting for the day’s topic. On the 38th floor, towering above London’s commercial district, it gave our audience the chance to step back from business-as-usual and pay attention to how consumer expectations have risen higher than most businesses have kept up with.

The Kano model developed in the 1980s classifies customer preferences into a number of different categories from the innovative to the basic. What’s interesting is that over time what was once magical is now expected. And the rate of this change in expectations is increasing.

Take Google Maps for example. It now automatically knows where you’ve parked and will even notify you to head back before you get a parking fine. Experiences like this are raising the expectations we have from all brands.

Digital technology is giving rise to new entrants in every market – from sports media to estate agents, insurance, retail and law. And technology is making it easier than ever before for us to take our business elsewhere. Brands that fail to adapt quickly enough or at all are in real danger of rapidly sliding into irrelevance.

Gartner says that 75% of businesses will transform to digital by the year 2020, or at least will be preparing for the change. Yet only 30% of those attempts will be successful.

We’ve already witnessed multiple eras of digital disruption. The next era of intelligent agents and the autonomous world is set to be the most transformative across all industries.

During the working lunch we discussed what the needs of our highest expectation customers are, what’s the gap between our customers’ expectations and what they’re served and how to address that gap.

Digital momentum was a key theme. Without pace in delivery, the consumer expectations gap will just grow wider. We carry out insight-led delivery cycles that build momentum and achieve long term growth for our clients. Enterprise platforms such as Sitecore then enable accelerated delivery of experiences. Consumer expectations are growing all the time and there’s a continuous need to research and test with users and monitor the market. Machine learning is fast becoming a must-have not just nice-to-have in order to keep up. Sitecore Cortex AI, for example, dynamically generates insights and personalises experiences.

If you find that your customers are expecting more than you can deliver, contact us and we’ll help you get one step ahead.