2016: Putting Innovation on the Agenda. Whitepaper

‘Innovation strategy’ is fast establishing itself as a business need but what does it really mean? Are innovation directors simply marketers with a new title or are their organisations genuinely trying to remain competitive in an age of digital disruption?

These are the questions we asked senior brand marketers from across all sectors, including AXA, Louis Vuitton, Vodafone, Lloyds Bank, Amnesty International and HMV Digital, in a series of thought leadership seminars during the first half of 2016.

We learned that innovation is central to the agenda for many forward-thinking companies, but ways to embrace it haunt the marketers tasked with its implementation. It requires a significant shift in both thinking and best practice.

Consumers expect more worth and meaning from their brands than ever before. The services that Netflix and Airbnb provide, for example, are now part of our everyday life and their innovative services have disrupted traditional competitors. In response, those with foresight are re-evaluating their product offers. But how can complex, constantly evolving organisations put innovation at their heart to create real, meaningful change?

This e3 whitepaper features four methodologies that have worked for our clients:

  1. Internal competition
  2. Individual catalyst
  3. Outside in
  4. The Lab

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