2017: The Year of Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper

The term artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but the past 12 months have seen a change in the industry. No longer a term that resides in science fiction, enterprises are fast waking to the real impact AI will have on their future business modelling.

We discussed this seismic shift with leading brands across all sectors, including Goldman Sachs, Cancer Research UK, BBC, Kings College London and B&Q, in a series of thought leadership seminars during the end of 2016.

We learned that AI is no longer a pipedream but is part of a fundamental shift in consumer behaviour and brands need to be realising the benefits fast. Through commercial applications, big data and replicating human interactions it’s becoming clear that AI is not something that can be ignored. It’s also not something that can be achieved immediately, a long-term investment is the only way to create an effective AI that consumers will want to interact with.

The e3 whitepaper covers the commercial applications of AI:

  • The realisation of big data
  • Replicating human interactions
  • Enhancing humans

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