2017: digital trends for the year ahead whitepaper

Creating satisfying experiences for customers requires increasingly sharp market insight and smart planning by brands who want to stay relevant. To help with this challenge, Kate Fitzpatrick, Senior Strategist at e3, has pooled expert insights from the wider strategy/UX team, to share our top three digital trend predictions for the 12 months ahead:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: the rise of the machines

  2. Virtual, augmented and mixed: replacing and enhancing reality

  3. Intuitive interfaces: thinking beyond the swipe

Using examples from best practice brands such as HSBC, Amazon and Expedia she has considered commercial applications of technology to deliver engaging and thought provoking experiences.

Kate has highlighted the implications of these trends on marketers and provided an overview of what they should be considering going into the year ahead.

e3’s own primary research is supported by informed by industry leading think-tanks Gartner, Deloitte Digital and PSFK.

We hope you find this paper valuable for your business and encourage you to share your insights with us on these and other leading edge subjects.

Download 2017: Digital Trends for the Year Ahead below: DIGITAL TRENDS 2017 Download

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