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How we did it

The Challenge

Imagine unlocking 80 years of scientific research - 15,000 pages of data - to help 10 million people with arthritis better manage their pain, 24/7.

That was the challenge set to us by Arthritis Research UK. With over 200 different forms of the condition, people living with it have struggled to find answers to their specific day to day needs. That was until now. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we have created a revolutionary web app that uses simple conversational language to allow them to ask a question and to get it answered immediately, anytime, anywhere.

The cognitive understanding of IBM Watson can adapt to questions asked and respond with instant, qualified recommendations - something which, up until now, could well have taken hours to search for, or indeed weeks of waiting for an appointment with a doctor.

The more the Arthritis Virtual Assistant (AVA) is used, the more it learns, meaning its scope and power will grow over time, for example, with additional functionality of voice recognition. Not only that, as AVA learns, it gathers data and understanding, such as how questioning changes dependent on the person’s age, location or weather type. All of this means the solutions we provide and the research we undertake can be adapted and refined in response to live data.

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