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How we did it

The Challenge

Bristol Airport is the South West’s gateway to the world; the place eight million people every year begin adventures that take them to hundreds of destinations. That’s why it has an extremely loyal customer base across the region.

At e3, we used the power of digital momentum to bring a more commercial focus to Bristol Airport’s owned media channels, turning popularity into profit, so that profit could be turned into investment.

In creating a new car parking journey, we’ve been able to optimise its ecommerce performance by applying a series of meticulously tested improvements. That alone has generated a £2.8m uplift in year-on-year revenue. We’ve also developed a new website on the Sitecore platform and have been the driving force behind a series of content-first campaigns that continue to raise the Bristol Airport profile.

Swift delivery cycles continue to improve the customer experience for Bristol Airport’s customers; from the start of their journey until they embark on their next adventure. Meanwhile, back on the ground the momentum for ongoing digital product and service innovation continues to pick up the pace.

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