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How we did it

The Challenge

We helped Honda enable riders across Europe to choose their dream bike.

e3 have developed a completely new motorcycle configurator so Honda can deliver a personalised shopping experience. This enables them to influence consumer buying behaviour further up the purchase process.

Honda needed to develop this new configurator to take advantage of the important spring motorbike bike sales window, which was just 4 months away. They were keen to capitalise on this opportunity to increase bike and accessory sales. The brief was to develop a single tool with a reusable architecture based around a set of APIs, that offered future scalability. This required close collaboration with a number of technical parties.

e3 put together a dedicated technical delivery team. They worked in an agile way to bring this innovative solution to market in less than the 4 months.

We are now optimising the solution, with regular reporting and CRO experiments to improve the sales funnel and overall user experience.

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