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How we did it

The Challenge

In times of conflict or peace, the Royal Navy is key to the prosperity of Britain and the stability of the high seas. For over five years e3 has been instrumental in delivering a complex digital transformation programme that reaches far and wide across this high security organisation. We’ve been instrumental in transforming how the Royal Navy communicates with such a complex range of target audiences.

Recently we’ve overhauled the digital recruitment offering, engaging with potential recruits from their first digital touchpoints to their long-term career experience; increasing applicant registrations by over a third.

We build continuous momentum through a programme of regular digital deliveries that sit under the broad umbrella of strategic transformation. This ensures both the real-time monitoring of impact and the securing of long term success.

To grasp the full scale and complexity of the navy’s needs, we have worked directly with the First Sea Lord and his executive team. We have also spent many hours on board navy vessels, to gain a deep understanding of the culture, user behaviours and needs.

The outcome is an ongoing digital momentum program of award-winning digital products and services including:

  • The complete transformation of the corporate and commercial communications and website

  • A content-first recruitment strategy to attract the very best 5,000 new recruits needed each year

  • A £3.6 million reduction in the annual recruitment costs

  • A social media framework and targeted campaigns for the Royal Engineers and Royal Marines

  • Ownership of the Navy’s overall brand tone of voice and guidelines

  • The development of high security internal operational sites and special high security projects


e3 and the Royal Navy have been shortlisted for no less than 15 awards including the DADIs, BIMAs, Digital Impact Awards and Personnel Today. Our careers page re-design was voted in the top three most engaging and impactful careers website by the Times Top 100 Graduate recruitment awards.

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