Orange Brand Launch Demo Video

The Brief

Orange wished to launch their new country stuff asset repository with a bang.  Held on their existing Brand Orange website, the repository ensured all Orange marketing assets could be held in one central hub. 

Once complete and in pilot, the challenge remained to launch it to the entire Orange network and educate users on how to use the system correctly, ensuring the maximum quality metadata was recorded. It was decided the launch would be introduced at an Orange General Meeting in Africa.

The Solution

Orange asked e3 to produce produce a highly creative screen cast demo video that would be shown live by the Global Brand Director to all of the attendees at the General Meeting.
The demo introduced the new repository functionality and a step by step process to all users of how to upload assets and create the correct amount of metadata in the correct context.

The Results

Both clients, Senior Creative & Digital Brand Manager and Global Brand Director, where extremely impressed with the quality of the output and the ease of presenting the video live to a wide audience.