Kia Dealer Homepage Redesign

The Brief

Ahead of a forthcoming full redesign Kia wanted to reinvigorate the Kia Dealer websites. We were briefed to put in place an interim solution, which aimed to engage dealers by offering more flexibility in the personalisation of their current sites.

The Solution

In order to fully engage both Kia Dealerships and their customers we created a more dynamic Home page design.

This new design was centred around giving Dealers the ability to customise and personalise content to a greater extent.
Taking design cues from the new Kia digital branding we created enhanced promotional areas, clearer signposting of important information such as contact and location details, and a new vehicle search function. By opening up the homepage we have ensured that content is both regularly updated and tailored to local audiences.

The Results

The new homepage has added to a +50% year on year rise in visits to the Dealer sites and also helped to add 150,000 return visitors in the four months since launch.In addition the greater emphasis on personalised content has really increased the conversion potential of the sites.