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The Brief

e3 was approached by Gocompare.com to create a responsive, interactive salary tax calculator. It would become a tool for people looking for accurate, reliable tax information in relation to their salary. The interactive needed to enable users to complete accurate tax calculations for all possible scenarios, as well as being light-hearted, interesting and on brand.

The Solution

We created a responsive interactive that worked on two levels. Firstly, a functional tax calculator that pulled in HMRC data to cater for a whole range of possible tax scenarios. Secondly, we added a ‘Rich List’ function, so our audience could compare their salary to the rich and famous.

Who knew it only takes Beyoncé 5 hours to earn a top-class Range Rover? These could be shared via social networks, bringing this on-brand, fun-yet-functional tool to a wider audience – and adding a smile to a subject that struggles for one.

Take a look: