Royal Navy Recruitment Digital Brochures

The Brief

A career in the Royal Navy promises a life without limits,a life full of adventure, purpose and camaraderie. The Navy had always relied heavily on print brochures as the backbone of their recruitment process. But they were failing to appeal to the young, digital-savvy millennials who are the future of the Royal Navy. How could e3 bring Naval recruitment into the 21st century and steer the 16-19-year-old target audience towards enlisting?

The Solution

Given the target market, we designed and built responsive, device-agnostic digital brochures. To create a sense of action and movement, we commissioned video content that displays full-bleed and moves down the page with the user. Joining this content were short, snappy headlines, dynamic blocks of text and inspiring imagery. Combined, they deliver a fast-paced, inspirational – and up-to-date – experience.