Arthritis Research UK Donation Journey


As part of our continuing work with Arthritis Research UK, we were tasked with making a series of updates to the current site, principally to improve the user experience and refresh the design. The updates include a new donation journey, new homepage, new landing pages, and a new responsive navigation structure.



In July 2016, we launched the new homepage. As a hub for users to begin their journeys, we needed to decrease clutter and highlight key content in a responsive, simple and informative design.

Landing pages and navigation structure

We knew the most important pages for users were in the ‘Arthritis Information’ section of the site. We prioritised these pages, transforming them and their content into a series of responsive templates, creating a seamless experience across all devices. We also redesigned the navigation structure to facilitate journeys across all devices and highlight inner pages within a large navigation.

Old site

Arthritis Research UK websiteArthritis Research UK Website

Donation journey

To ensure an optimal user experience, we also redesigned and built a new donation journey for the Arthritis Research UK website. Once we identified our audience groups, we created a responsive donation journey focused on an efficient, yet emotive, experience for users. We have an ongoing optimisation programme and continue to monitor our progress to increase conversions.

What’s next? Iterative improvements

We believe that iterative and incremental improvements are crucial to maintaining the best possible user experience. Small yet meaningful changes to specific pages, sections or functions of your site can yield significant results. 

New site

Arthritis Research website
Arthritis Research UK Website


  • Redesign of the navigational structure has resulted in a 70% decrease of visits to the ‘Arthritis Information’ landing page from the homepage and a respective 114% and 230% increase in ‘next page’ visits to key category pages ‘Conditions’ and ‘Exercises to Manage Pain’. This tells us there’s a significant amount of people finding the information they want much faster.
  • The donation button was also given significantly more prominence on both mobile and desktop headers, creating a 184% increase of visits to the donation hub page.
  • Launched in April, the new Arthritis Research UK donation journey received the largest amount of online donations ever. The average value of an online direct debit donation increased by 15%, compared to the average value for the last three years, with overall direct debit donations more than tripling, compared to April’s average over the last three years.

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