Bristol Airport Website Redesign


As Bristol Airport’s lead digital agency we worked with them to shape their five-year strategic plan (to grow yearly passenger numbers from 6.3 million to 10 million by 2020), In particular translating this offline business plan into a series of key digital tasks. The first stage on route to our core strategic goal was to consolidate separate, out-dated desktop and mobile sites into one responsive solution.


Our vision was to reinvigorate the airport in a digital sense, providing a platform for future growth, and a customer experience that sets them apart from competitors and peers. 

Specifically, we designed a content-first, responsive website that focuses on:

  • Building destination awareness to engage with the audience much earlier in the holiday and car parking purchasing decision, facilitating desire and inspiration from the start.
  • Providing a simple, clear and compelling journey for add-on purchases such as car-parking.

  • Building on the success of the SEO strategy, while reducing the level of gratuitous content that was present on the existing solution.
  • Provide a solution that is always operational so, no matter where the user is, and whatever device they’re using, they get a seamless and consistent experience. 

As well as making hard-to-find content more prominent and over-hauling the user experience, the new site needed to reflect the airport’s updated brand guidelines. From overall look-and-feel to the subtleties of the interactions, the combination of high-level design and solid technical expertise firmly positions Bristol Airport on the crest of the travel industry’s digital revolution.


  • 20% increase in ecommerce revenue YOY
  • Mobile traffic has increased by 28% and mobile conversion is up by 127%
  • 38% increase in organic traffic to the ecommerce parking journey 
  • Rewards scheme and other campaigns have increased the number of returning users by 15% YOY
  • Affiliate revenue, via airline partners and holiday providers, is up by 50% YOY
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Isabelle Whiteman, Head of Digital and Commercial Marketing at Bristol Airport:

“We are thrilled with our new customer focused, responsive website. Digital technology is central to our ambition to be a world-class regional airport and will play an important role in delivering great customer experience to our growing passenger base. Working closely with e3, we can now deliver a consistent experience to customers however they access our website, ensuring a great start to the airport journey before even setting foot in the terminal.”