Made in the Royal Navy Putting Recruitment to the Test


Following the success of the Engineers campaign content, we were tasked with optimising the 2016 Made in The Royal Navy (MITRN) campaign page, to extend ATL campaign activity in digital.

Specifically, by A/B testing the updated page against the existing one, we needed to find out which content works best for our 16 - 25-year-old target audience – and how we could best develop it for impactful future campaigns. Our KPIs were as follows:

  • Increase the number of users starting the expression of interest (EOI) forms
  • Increase the conversion rate from the existing MITRN landing page


In close collaboration with the Navy, we created a test that would split organic and paid search traffic between the original webpage and the new campaign pages. The newer variant swapped long form narrative for bitesized content that resonated with our audience, including videos and GIFs, plus images chosen with the specific intention of:

  • Helping candidates make an emotional connection to the job and to a future in the Royal Navy. We were led by the overarching goals of ‘Attracting’, ‘Enabling’ and ‘Converting’ page visitors into new applicants.
  • Making all the information a potential applicant may require simple to understand and navigate. 
  • Clearly explaining the practical benefits of the various roles and life in the Royal Navy 
The different elements enable visitors to experience the campaign in a range of ways, be it a quick overview, or a more in-depth exploration of Naval life. This means we are able to assess and review the efficacy of different content types through ongoing analysis and conversion rate optimisation, for use in future projects.


The new variation was statistically proved to be more successful that the existing page. We saw the following up lift in the key metrics:

  • 27.22% increase in conversion
  • Bounce rate down from 9.54 % to 6.94%
  • Session duration up by 1 minute 38 seconds.

As a result of the success of the new variant we have now replaced the old page with the new variation which now received all campaign traffic. The next step is to continue the process of optimising the new page.