Network West Midlands There's a strat for that


Since 2011, NWM has accumulated a total of five apps, which range from those with journey planning functionality to one that specifically helps passengers report anti-social behaviour. 

The mounting cost of maintaining multiple applications alongside competition from new market entrants, such as Citymapper and Moovit, meant NWM had to reassess the purpose and value of their app portfolio while determining a roadmap for the coming years. 

e3 was briefed to provide the strategic direction and recommendations for how NWM should meet this requirement.


The main challenge for NWM came from the sophistication of solutions offered by Citymapper and Moovit, and to a growing extent the native functionality offered by the likes of Google Now. 

The strategy needed to acknowledge the digital capability of NWM vs. these independent providers with an outcome that would challenge the organisation but was also practical to deliver. 

We conducted a mix of qualitative and quantitative research that focused on understanding audience needs, business requirements and the future of the app landscape. From that work it was clear passengers’ focus was to use mobile to find simple, quick ways of planning their journeys as well as being able to check the running of the network in real time.

Our recommendations comprised three portfolio models, ranging from a one-app to no-app and an API-only solution. Each was graded on its feasibility to be delivered by NWM and the impact on the audience


Two of the models were taken forward for further cost benefit analysis to determine the best fit for the organisation.