Royal Navy Creating a Content Commotion


As the Royal Navy’s lead digital agency one of our key responsibilities is managing their social channels and in particular creating an engaging and consistent conversation with potential recruits.


Our solutions are based on an in-depth piece of research that highlighted the barriers that prevent potential recruits joining and our existing market insights of the type of content that engages our target audience. As such our approach is to talk in terms of the everyday, normalising the lifestyle whilst picking out the key benefit themes of travel, sports, and training and development to convert their interest into applications.

We created a range of content spanning a series of activities from supporting key recruitment campaigns and one-off topical posts through to a series of always-on strands. All of which are designed to build up a holistic perspective of what life in the Navy is like.

From video interviews with serving officers to Royal Navy Engineers’ “Lifehack” gifs demonstrating ways to fold a whole outfit into a pair of socks. “Live Q&A” sessions, “MyKit” images unveiling the equipment each role needs to go to sea, or an insight into the experiences being in the Navy has afforded people with “Navy Firsts”.

We’ve been busy beavering away using a range of in house skills to efficiently and cost effectively create world class content that connects with a variety of people in a variety of ways to demystify the prospect of joining the Royal Navy.


The Royal Navy judge the quality of work across three areas, reach, website sessions driven by social content and applications.

The following results reflect a two-month period from July 2015 – September 2015.

  • Organic Reach of: 2,484,574
  • Driving 10,901 Website sessions
  • 113 Applications directly attributed to social content.

This represents huge value in terms of the cost per application generated and has revolutionised the way The Royal Navy use social media.