Royal Marines You may already have it


The Royal Marines instills a natural passion in potential recruits, however being a successful Royal Marine takes more than just passion and physical strength. To be a member of one of the world’s most elite forces takes a certain kind of drive and focus, you could say “it’s a state of mind.”
Working in tandem with the wider marketing campaign, our challenge was to use digital to increase the number of applications, but also to improve the quality of applicant during the conversion process by clearly communicating both the challenges Marines face and the required traits.


To achieve this, we started by creating a sponsored Instagram campaign, targeting an audience who were already interested in activities that required the same commitment and focus, such as fitness and tough-mudder enthusiasts. Capturing this passion ensures we attract people who are physically fit, but are also focused and committed enough to achieve their goals in the face of extreme challenges. These are ultimately the kind of people that get a kick out of proving they are a cut above the rest.

Part two of our challenge involved building upon our already successful Royal Navy Engineers and Ratings campaign pages to create a fully responsive, content lead page that would help to communicate more about what was required to join-and what that “state of mind” really meant.

To do this we created an array of content blocks covering key insight lead themes, from “our habitat” GIFs, to more detailed role information. Each was designed to deliver the kind of detailed information our potential recruits would require in an easily digestible format. By appealing to their existing passions and behaviours, we were able to convert leads from the wider on and offline campaign into high quality applications.

As a result, the content we designed was built in such a way that it could be re-deployed as organic social content to further extend the campaign’s reach, maximising on the Royal Navy’s recruitment budget.


Within the first two weeks of going live the page is already outperforming the previous campaign page, with a conversion rate increase of 27.22%.